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Welcome to the World of Shelled Flax!

Winner of Canadian Agri-Food Award of Excellence

Natunola health's delight brand of Shelled Flax is like no other flax on the market!  Before now, flax was only available in 2 forms:  whole flaxseed and ground (or milled) flaxseed.  Thanks to our research team, along with Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, we developed a totally new way to process this nutrition packed seed!

Whole flaxseed normally passes undigested through the human body.  While good for regularity, it does not generally allow your body to digest the nutritional benefits of the inside of the seed, namely the flax "kernel".  The kernel contains the flax oil which is the source of Omega-3.   Grinding flaxseed, which most people do using a coffee grinder, solves this problem and creates a new one!  Besides being messy and noisy, ground flax goes rancid very quickly!  Why?  Again, we go back to the flax oil. 

Grinding flaxseed presses the flax oil out of the flax kernel.  When flax oil is released from the kernel it goes bad very quickly and is very unstable.  This is why flax oil must be kept in a dark-coloured bottle in the refrigerator and also why you cannot heat it.   Ground flax must be kept in the refrigerator and tends to go rancid in a few weeks.

Shelling flax solves these problems!   This patented process allows us to take off the outer shell to isolate the kernel.  Now, with the hard shell removed, your body can absorb the Omega-3 oil found inside.  However because we have not pressed (or crushed) the seed, the oil has not been disturbed so it won't go rancid like ground flax and you can bake with it and retain the Omega-3 goodness.  All Natunola
health's delight Shelled Flax products have a minimum shelf life of one year with no refrigeration required!

Here you can see the yellow kernel, which is actually what is found inside a brown whole flaxseed.  Inside this yellow inner part of the flax is the Omega-3 oil.

Many people get confused thinking our products are a combination of whole brown flaxseed and whole yellow flaxseed, but this is not the case.  Our Shelled Flax is made up of the two parts of the brown flaxseed; the outer brown shell and the inner yellow kernel.  All Natunola health's delight products are made using only 100% non-genetically modified Canadian brown flaxseed.   

For more information on our Health's Delight products including our unique Omega-3 Instant Oatmeal with Shelled Flax breakfast cereal, please visit our products page.


Natunola health's delight - Flax like you've never seen before!

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