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Shelled Flax Meal - Flax Powder with
Omega Goodness!

Winner of Canadian Agri-Food Award of Excellence







Not Ground - No Refrigeration Necessary!

Natunola health's delight Shelled Flax Meal is flax powder produced from our unique patented shelling technology, so that your body can better absorb its nutritional components.  Whole flaxseed normally passes undigested through the body but by shelling flax, your body has access to the benefits of both parts of the flax (outer shell and inner kernel) with no grinding required.  Grinding flaxseed results in the flax oil, found inside the kernel, being pressed out of the seed and, as flax oil is very unstable, it goes rancid quickly.  By shelling the flax, the oil is not disturbed and therefore our Shelled Flax Meal powder is more stable and has a much longer shelf life than ground flax.  As a result of this revolutionary new shelling technology, Natunola health's delight Shelled Flax Meal does not need to be refrigerated, unlike ground flax!

Omega-3, Fiber, Protein, Lignans and Antioxidants

Our Shelled Flax Meal is a quick and delicious way of incorporating essential nutrients into your diet, such as Omega-3 and Omega-6, dietary fiber (to regulate the digestive tract), antioxidants and lignans or natural plant estrogens. 

So go ahead and eat to your Health's Delight! 


Health Canada's recommended daily intake of Omega-3 for young children is 0.7 - 0.9 grams and for older children and adults is 1.0 - 1.6 grams Omega-3 daily.  Therefore only about - 1 tablespoon for young children and 1 - 1 tablespoons for older children and adults is all that is needed to get your Omega-3 for the day, as a 9 gram serving (1 tablespoons) of Natunola health's delight Shelled Flax Kernel provides 2 grams of Omega-3!

* For more information on Omega-3 recommended intakes, visit Health Canada's website and associated links at http://www.hc-sc.gc.ca.


Ready to use daily!  Sprinkle Natunola health's delight Shelled Flax Meal on cereal or mix in yogurt or smoothie drinks.   

Baking:  Add to replace a portion (10 - 25%) of flour in baking recipes for added Omega-3, fiber and protein.  For example, in a family size muffin recipe that calls for 2 cups of flour, use 1 cups of flour and cup of Shelled Flax Meal. 

Fat Replacement:  You can also use as a replacement for butter, margarine or cooking oil - use 3 tablespoons of Shelled Flax Meal for 1 tablespoon of cooking fat.  Note this will cause your recipe to brown more quickly.

Egg Replacement:  Natunola health's delight Shelled Flax Meal also acts as an egg replacement due to the naturally occurring gum found in the flax shell which acts as the binding agent in recipes.  Simply mix 1 tablespoon of Shelled Flax Meal with 3 tablespoons of water and let stand for 2 - 3 minutes then add to the recipe as you would add one egg.  Note that your end product will not rise as much as normal and will have a more chewy consistency.

See our collection of recipes for more ideas.  Enjoy it daily for your Health's Delight!


   1.0 Grams of Omega-3 per 5 Grams
   Convenient Powder Form
   Bio-availability of Omega-3 in Kernel, Fiber and Natural Plant Lignans in Hull
    Not Ground = Longer Shelf Life
    No Refrigeration Required
    Trans Fat Free
    Gluten Free
   GMO Free
    Free of Cholesterol
    Free of Preservatives or Additives
    Low in Saturated Fat
    Low in Sodium or Salt
    Use as an Egg Replacement
    Kosher Certified
    Ingredients:  100% Canadian Flaxseed

9 gram serving size = 50 servings per bag!

Manufactured with Canadian Technology
Natunola Health Inc.
661 St. Lawrence Street
Winchester, Ontario K0C 2K0
Tel:  (613) 774-9998/Fax:  (613) 774-2226
www.natunola.com / flax@natunola.com

Last modified: 11/15/13