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Natunola health's delight Shelled Flax Recipe Collection

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10 Simple Ways to Use Natunola health's delight Shelled Flax Daily

1.    Keep it handy! Place Shelled Flax Kernel in a shaker or container and keep it with your salt and pepper.  This allows you to easily garnish salads, cereals and your favourite foods.
2.    Shake it up!  Add Shelled Flax Meal to smoothie, milk and yogurt drinks for an extra kick of Omega-3, protein and fiber.
3.  Top it off!  Sprinkle Shelled Flax Kernel on muffin or bread dough before baking for a beautiful garnish as the brilliant yellow colour of the Shelled Flax Kernel adds a unique touch.
4. Bake it in!  Add Shelled Flax Meal to bread, pizza and cookie dough, or muffin mixes in place of flour at 10 - 25%.  For example in a recipe calling for 2 cups of flour, use 1 cups flour and cup Shelled Flax Meal.  Add Shelled Flax Kernel to any recipe as you would typically add seeds or nuts.  For example in a family size cookie or muffin recipe add cup.
5.  Stir it in!  Add Shelled Flax Kernel or Shelled Flax Meal to salad dressings, pasta or pizza sauce, soups, etc.
6.  On the BBQ!  Add Shelled Flax Kernel into homemade burger mixes: beef, chicken, fish or veggie burgers.
7. No eggs - No problem!  Try mixing 1 tbsp. of Shelled Flax Meal with 3 tbsp. of water and let stand for 2 - 3 minutes.  Add this to your recipe in place of one egg and you'll never have to worry about being out of eggs again!
8. Make fat substitutions!  Replace a portion of margarine, butter or cooking oil in your recipes with Shelled Flax Meal in a ratio of 1:3.  For example, replace 2 tbsp. of butter with 6 tbsp. of Shelled Flax Meal.
9.  Don't forget dessert!  Sprinkle Shelled Flax Kernel onto fruit, pudding, frozen yogurt and ice cream or your other favourite dessert to add a nutty flavour backed with wholesome goodness.
10.  Fiber is your friend!  Remember, Shelled Flax contains an effective source of fiber, so start slowly.

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