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Shake Your Way to Better Health!

Winner of Canadian Agri-Food Award of Excellence

Natunola health's delight Shelled Flax Kernel is now available in a convenient Shaker form.  Getting your Omega-3 has never been easier!

For years we have been telling our customers to fill a shaker with our shelled flax and put it on the table with their salt and pepper for a handy and delicious source of essential nutrients, such as
Omega-3, fiber protein and lignans.  Our customers have told us having it out at meal time helps them to remember there is an easier way to get Omega-3 rather than popping yet another pill. 

Now, due to popular demand, Natunola offers our unique patented health's delight
Shelled Flax Kernel in a ready to use shaker.  Simply pop the top and sprinkle directly on foods or use the larger section for a spoonful of
Omega-3 Goodness! 

Be creative!  Flax isn't just for cereal and yogurt.  With the delicious nutty flavour of flax it's a wonderful addition to any dish.  Here are a few unique new ideas:

Delicious on salads and other vegetable dishes
(see Coconut Rice Flax Salad recipe)

Sprinkle on mashed potatoes, pasta and rice dishes
(see Omega-3 Salsa Chicken recipe)

Sprinkle on homemade pizza as a topping before baking
(see BBQ Chicken Flax Pizza recipe)

Substitute for nuts in appetizer recipes
(see Omega-3 Flax Cheese Ball recipe)

Mix into hamburgers, meatballs, meat loaf or veggie burgers
(see Omega-3 Marvelous Meatballs recipe)

Add into egg dishes (such as quiche) or casseroles
(see Flax Potato Casserole recipe)

Sprinkle on dough before baking or mix into batter
(see Flax Kernel Muffin recipe)

Don't forget dessert!  Sprinkle on pudding, ice cream or frozen yogurt,
and even flax candy! (see Omega-3 Flax and Nut Brittle recipe)


Each single 5 gram serving provides 100% of your daily recommended requirement of Omega-3.  See Health Canada's recommended daily Omega-3 intake guide.




For more information on Omega-3 recommended intakes, visit Health Canada's website and associated links at http://www.hc-sc.gc.ca.


   Convenient source of Omega-3, fiber, protein, lignans and antioxidants
   Ready to use
   New packaging size is perfect for travel -
Omega on the Go!
    Rich in dietary fiber and lignans
    Natural plant estrogens
    Trans Fat Free
    Gluten Free
   GMO Free
    Free of Cholesterol
    Free of Preservatives or Additives
    Free of Sodium or Salt
    Low in Saturated Fat
    Kosher Certified
    Ingredients:  100% Canadian Flaxseed


Manufactured with Canadian Technology
Natunola Health Inc.
661 St. Lawrence Street
Winchester, Ontario K0C 2K0
Tel:  (613) 774-9998/Fax:  (613) 774-2226
www.natunola.com / flax@natunola.com

Last modified: 11/15/13